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The Wakulla Academic Boosters are proud to announce that 66 scholarships for a total of $93,000 were awarded in 2024!  The following Wakulla County students were the recipients of these awards:

We are honored to present the following 2024 endowed scholarships through the Wakulla Academic Boosters to:

Henry Vause Vocational Scholarship:  Jack Coetzee
Henry Vause Vocational Scholarship:  Zane Mason
Henry Vause Vocational Scholarship:  Grace Burger
Henry Vause Vocational Scholarship:  Joseph Russell
Guy H. Hudson Scholarship:  Merritt Taylor
Grady F. McKenzie Scholarship:  Emily Roxanne Johnson
Wildwood Men's Golf Association Scholarship:  Abbott Gauger
Wildwood Men's Golf Association Scholarship:  Parker Lawhon
Frank Snyder Memorial Scholarship:  Kohlson Pippin
Wakulla Men's Association Scholarship:  Luis Quintanilla
Keiser Memorial Scholarship:  Shelby Butler
Gilbert Memorial Scholarship:  Christopher Carter Peak
Distler Golf Scholarship:  Kolbie Jones
Anita Townsend Nursing Scholarship:  Brianna Milam
Bonner Vocational Scholarship:  Chloe Ribolla
Brann Vocational Scholarship:  Hailey Risoldi (WCS)
Townsend Vocational Scholarship:  Caitlin Hall
McKenzie Vocational Scholarship:  Sarah Morse
Paul Dubay Memorial Scholarship:  Hayden Fringer
Alexander/Pearce Memorial Scholarship:  Kane Tucker
A. L. Porter Memorial Scholarship:  Jesse Turner
Roger Stokley Memorial Scholarship:  Tracie Stedt
Wakulla Cattlemen Scholarship:  Hayden Fringer
Wakulla County Elected Officials Scholarship:  Haely Perry
McKenzie Star Scholarship:  Nhat Nguyen  
Veasman Star Scholarship:  Averey Baker (WCS)
Optimist Club Star Scholarship:  Amelia Tew
W. C. Dodson Scholarship:  Anna Maria Carnivale
Koelliker Memorial Scholarship:  LB Jessup Crum
Don White Memorial Scholarship:  Andi Stallings
Elsie Schulte Annual Scholarship:  Nathan Braverman
Steve and Kathy Brown Scholarship:  Logan Austreng
Pee Wee Vause Annual Scholarship: Jack Schroder 
Tanya English Scholarship:  Murray Breithaupt
Air-Con Scholarship:  Maverick Stubbs
Beverly Carter/Yvette Roddenberry Scholarship:  Michael Hurley
Parker Team Scholarship:  Jordyn Hatfield
Judge Mike Carter Scholarship Special Award:  Zhaniya Reed
Eric Hindle Memorial Scholarship:  Joshua Bissell (WCS)
Eric Hindle Memorial Scholarship:  Riley Carraway
Eric Hindle Memorial Scholarship:  Kaylee Dewitt
Eric Hindle Memorial Scholarship:  Jesse Nazworth
Eric Hindle Memorial Scholarship:  Tia Williams
Wakulla Academic Boosters Special Award:  Logan Kennon (WCS)
Wakulla Academic Boosters Special Award:  Sheldon Smith
Wakulla Academic Boosters Special Award:  Ava Whaley
Valedictorian:  Hayden Peacock
Salutatorian:  Noah Alford

With the support of local community groups and businesses, our scholarship offerings go beyond to offer more each year.  The following Wakulla County students received these awards for 2024:

Optimist Club Annual Scholarship:  Neariah Gavin

Daniels Educator Scholarship:  Emily Roxanne Johnson

Wakulla Men's Association Annual  Scholarship:  Andrew Nix

Wakulla County Realtors Association Scholarship:  Robert Bunch
Wakulla County Realtors Association Scholarship:  Presley Jones

Noah and Mildred Posey/Coastal Optimist Scholarship:  Kyra Ferreira

Head Start Scholars are chosen in 8th grade as an extra incentive to encourage these students to continue to focus on academics throughout high school.  If these students maintain their grade point average and continue through High School with no disciplinary action, the scholarship is awarded.

The following Wakulla County students received these awards for 2024:  

B.K. Roberts Scholarship:  Emma Wellington
Mary L. Roberts Scholarship:  Emma Dykes
Walter Dodson Scholarship:  Braden Peebles
Robert G. Carter Scholarship:  Madyson Griffin
Harry Morrison Scholarship:  Samantha Jean Sims
Pat Nobles Scholarship:  Ryleigh Davis
St. Marks Powder Scholarship:  Xavier De La Rocha
Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship:  Elli Keiser
Wakulla Men's Association  Scholarship:  Gaby Bruce
Wakulla Coastal Optimist Scholarship:  Isabella Taff

We wish to thank all of our generous sponsors!

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